“So yeah…. What’s this blog of yours about then?”

Honestly? This is just a dumping ground for thing I’ve learned, am working on learning or maybe even a stray thought about things in my life and dealing with it. If no one reads it? So what! It means I can come back and look up my own thought processes on any given thing and either say to myself “Ah!! So that’s how I did that!” or “Holy Shit!! I did not know what I was talking about did I?”

But what if someone does read it? What if it helps even one person learn a thing they where struggling with or didn’t know where to start because my odd worldview was what was needed to get them there? Or, and just as good, someone reads it and goes “Holy Shit! That guy does not know what he’s talking about does he?” and corrects me?

Both of those seem like a good reason for me to write things up.

Yeah that works. That’s what this is about. Helping each other out! Because today, in this world we find ourselves in….. we need all the help we can get!

(P.S. I probably need some grammar help!)